September 22, 2018

Love And Marriage: Getting The Right Immigration Forms For Marriage And Your Spouse

Love conquers boundaries. One of the major issues between people in a romantic relationship is the physical distance between them that has to be endured. For a US citizen who has fallen in love with someone in a foreign land and wishes to spend a lifetime with that person in the country, it helps to do a little research on the different immigration forms for marriage and start working on them, if possible.

immigration forms for marriage

Most people, if not everyone, have the desire to be with the person they love. In cases involving couples from different countries, this is only possible if one moves to the other person’s place. The process takes time and a good amount of effort. After all, there are documents to be filed, fees to be paid and other requirements to fulfill before one can finally have the spouse around.

Technically, there are only two ways to be a legal US citizen. It can only be by birth or through naturalization. For a foreign spouse or partner, the only way to do so is through naturalization. Going through the process of naturalization actually takes some time, but if one is patient enough, it is rewarding in the end.

There are different requirements for one’s partner to apply for US citizenship. The partner should be 18 years of age or above. It is also a must that the couple has already been married, and the partner should have lived in the country for three years without any disruptions.

A number of migrations forms for marriage have to be filled out and filed in order for the process to push through. During the partner’s three-year stay in the country, it is important that she is a legally documented persona in the US and has a green card. The green card can be acquired with a US citizen’s sponsorship during the marriage process.

When applying for citizenship through naturalization based on a marriage with a US citizen, one should complete a Form N400. This is the application form for obtaining citizenship. The said form should be filed along with a copy of the Permanent Resident card, two colored photos of the applicant with name and contact number at each photo’s back as well as evidence that one’s spouse is a US citizen.

One’s marriage certificate also has to be field along with proper documentation of any terminated marriages. It might also be necessary to show ample proof that the US citizen and the foreign partner are living together and have a good marriage. Examples of which include tax returns, children’s birth certificates and bank accounts to name a few.

All of these documents should be sent to the USCIS where they are evaluated. Upon approval, the applicant is asked to report to the office for interview and fingerprinting. The said interview incorporates one’s knowledge of the English language as well as the history of the country.

Love and relationships do not have to be limited. With the help of the right immigration forms for marriage, one can enjoy the benefits of being in love and together night and day.

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