September 22, 2018

What You Need To Know About Filing US Immigration Forms

Immigrating is not a simple matter at all. It involves a lot of factors and considerations one should take time to evaluation and think about. The process itself is quite arduous. Once the decision to migrate to the US has been made, it is important to determine what you need to know about filing US immigration forms to make the procedure more hassle-free.

immigration forms

Much of the continuous population growth in the United States of America can be traced back to the nonstop immigration to the country. This is also accountable for the huge cultural change that has been taking place all throughout the country for years now. Because of this, more and more helpful information has been made available for everyone over the Internet today.

When dealing with these forms required by the USCIS, it helps to be ready for them. After all, they can be quite complex to deal with. The USCIS has made itself available and easily accessible online. However, the entire system can be quite hard to deal with. Everyone can agree that the system can really be improved on.

However, the USCIS cannot be completely blamed for all the negativities. We have to understand that the agency has to deal with a large amount of forms annually. In their effort to avoid delays in the processing, they have made it especially important for the forms to be filled out properly.

Considering how complex immigration laws in the country are, it is just natural for the immigration procedures to be as complex. All that complexity can further be observed in the application form and other documents that the applicant should deal with. What you need to know about filing US immigration forms is that it is not a piece of cake at all.

There are actually different forms required for different types of immigrants. For one, the visa petition is different for a fiance and fiancee, an alien relative, an immigrant worker and other categories. These immigration forms come in highly precise, and sometimes confusing, language. Even native English speakers find it hard to comprehend such language at times.

Due to the way such documents are arranged and worded, it is best to have some expertise around when dealing with them. An immigration attorney is one of the best people for the job. Their experience with the immigration procedures is extensive, giving them ample knowledge and understanding of the required immigration forms.

One can also seek the help of a translator who can help an individual understand the forms based on basic translation. This individual, however, is not allowed to give any legal advice. An immigration advocacy group is a great help for those who wish to migrate. Although not all of its members can be of legal help, it is possible that the group has an attorney or any legal adviser around. One can also choose to do some research and learn about the forms with the help of the local library or some reliable resources online.

To say that the immigration process is hard is actually an understatement. It really is taxing and complicated, but if you take the time to learn what you need to know about filing US immigration forms, it is definitely going to be of some help.

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Facts And Figures: A Guide To Immigration Forms And Fees For US Citizenship

The decision to migrate to the United States is a giant thing to put into action considering the many factors involving such a step and the varied costs one has to deal with. However, the benefits of being in one of the world’s most developed countries at the present time can make one’s effort all worthwhile. Learning about the different immigration forms and fees is the perfect way to start the entire immigration process.

immigration forms and fees

There are actually a good amount of documents required when going through the immigration process. There are petition for visas to be filed and several immigration forms to be filled out. It is a good thing that most of these forms have been made accessible online, so one simply has to fill them out and have them printed right at the comforts of home.

Here are some of the immigration forms and fees that need to be completed for the immigration application to be processed.

1. Biographic Information (G325, G325A, G325B, G325C) – This form is filed for the purpose of providing the US government with basic information about the applicant. This includes information pertaining to the individual’s name, location and present status. The form comes in different versions with the G325A for family sponsored applications, G325B for those with military experience and G325B for those whose immigration application is sponsored by an employer. If none of the three fits, one can proceed to use G325. There are no fees required in filing this form.

2. Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) – Another important form required by the USCIS to be duly accomplished is the form that verifies the employee’s identity and eligibility to be employed in the US. All employees hired after November 6, 1986 are required to fill out an I-9 form at the time they are hired and complete Section 1 of the said form during the actually start of their employment. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that this is done properly and in a timely manner. No payments are collected when filing this form.

3. Immigrant Petition For Alien Worker (I-140) – This is one of the many forms required out of someone who wishes to work permanently in the US. It is the US employer who is responsible for the filing of this document. A filing fee of $190 is required for this form.

4. Arrival-Departure Record (I-94) – This form denotes the arrival and departure details of certain foreigners. It is used both by the US Customs and Border Protection as well as by USCIS. It should be duly filled out at the foreign citizen’s entry to the country. Its filing fee is $6.

5. Petition For Alien Fiance/Fiancee (I-129F) – This form is most known for the three questions that can either make or break an application. Hence, it is important to be really careful when answering these three questions. The first one is all about the issuance of past visas while the second question revolves around how the couple met and the third is concerning the dating agency they are working with. A filing fee of $165 comes with this form.

6. Petition For Alien Relative (I-130) – This immigration form is used by a US citizen who wishes to sponsor a relative who is not a US citizen. It is the US citizen who is responsible for the filing of this form and not the alien relative. A filing fee of $185 has to be paid for this form.

These are just some of the forms necessary in the immigration process. Doing a little more research about the other immigration forms and fees can do a lot in making the entire process easier and faster.

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Immigration Forms I-130: Petition For Alien Relative: How To Fill It Out, What It’s For

Immigration forms I-130 is the form to use for petitioning for an alien relative. Lawful permanent residents or lawful citizens of the United States are allowed to reestablish ties and relationships to some alien relatives who may wish to immigrate to the country. This form allows the permanent residents to petition for their relatives if they have visa numbers available.

immigration forms i-130

The I-130 must be filled in for every relative. The filing and subsequent approval of the petition is just the first step for the lawful stay of the alien relative in the United States. In order to become a lawful permanent resident or to be granted an immigrant visa, the relative/s must await for a visa number that will be given to them accordingly.

Every citizen in the United States is allowed to help a relative get a green card which signifies that he or she have become a lawful permanent resident of the country. The U. S. Citizen must sponsor the relative which requires them to show evidence that they are able to support the relative(s) with their income and assets.

The Form I-130 establishes and proves that there is a familial relationship between you and your alien relative. A lot of times, this form is filed together with the Form I-485 or Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. There are many guidelines that must be followed for this petition.

Firstly, not all types of relatives may be petitioned. If you are a U. S. Citizen, you may file a petition for relatives who are your spouse and your children. Your children may or may not be married at the time of filing. If you are at least 21 years of age, you may also petition for your parents or your brothers and sisters. You need to provide documents that will prove your relationship to the relative you are filing the petition for.

Filing a Form I-130 is not a guarantee that your petition for your relatives will be granted soon. After proving your qualifying relationship with the relative, you will be giving your relative a chance to wait with others who also wish to immigrate to the United States. The queue will be based on the country or region that your relatives are from.

When your relative is in front of the queue, he or she will be checked whether or not they are eligible to immigrate after the background checks are in, as well as other requirements for admission. The time it takes before your relative can immigrate varies.

The United States law specifically grants a special consideration to immediate relatives such as the U. S. Citizen’s spouse, unmarried children who are younger than 21 years old, as well as their parents. Special considerations include no waiting list for these relatives, invitation to apply for immigrant visa, and faster eligibility for filing applications to adjust their residency to permanent resident status.

For other relatives, it may take some time especially considering the limits set by the immigration laws on how many immigrants are allowed every year as well as the high demand for petition of relatives

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Love And Marriage: Getting The Right Immigration Forms For Marriage And Your Spouse

Love conquers boundaries. One of the major issues between people in a romantic relationship is the physical distance between them that has to be endured. For a US citizen who has fallen in love with someone in a foreign land and wishes to spend a lifetime with that person in the country, it helps to do a little research on the different immigration forms for marriage and start working on them, if possible.

immigration forms for marriage

Most people, if not everyone, have the desire to be with the person they love. In cases involving couples from different countries, this is only possible if one moves to the other person’s place. The process takes time and a good amount of effort. After all, there are documents to be filed, fees to be paid and other requirements to fulfill before one can finally have the spouse around.

Technically, there are only two ways to be a legal US citizen. It can only be by birth or through naturalization. For a foreign spouse or partner, the only way to do so is through naturalization. Going through the process of naturalization actually takes some time, but if one is patient enough, it is rewarding in the end.

There are different requirements for one’s partner to apply for US citizenship. The partner should be 18 years of age or above. It is also a must that the couple has already been married, and the partner should have lived in the country for three years without any disruptions.

A number of migrations forms for marriage have to be filled out and filed in order for the process to push through. During the partner’s three-year stay in the country, it is important that she is a legally documented persona in the US and has a green card. The green card can be acquired with a US citizen’s sponsorship during the marriage process.

When applying for citizenship through naturalization based on a marriage with a US citizen, one should complete a Form N400. This is the application form for obtaining citizenship. The said form should be filed along with a copy of the Permanent Resident card, two colored photos of the applicant with name and contact number at each photo’s back as well as evidence that one’s spouse is a US citizen.

One’s marriage certificate also has to be field along with proper documentation of any terminated marriages. It might also be necessary to show ample proof that the US citizen and the foreign partner are living together and have a good marriage. Examples of which include tax returns, children’s birth certificates and bank accounts to name a few.

All of these documents should be sent to the USCIS where they are evaluated. Upon approval, the applicant is asked to report to the office for interview and fingerprinting. The said interview incorporates one’s knowledge of the English language as well as the history of the country.

Love and relationships do not have to be limited. With the help of the right immigration forms for marriage, one can enjoy the benefits of being in love and together night and day.

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Free Immigration Forms – Get Them For Free Online And How To Fill Them Out

Anyone who is considering the possibility of migrating to the US should take time to learn about the different requirements in doing so. There are quite a handful of documents one should prepare and file, but with the number of free immigration forms available online these days, everything becomes speedier and more hassle-free.

free immigration forms

When immigrating to the country, it is essential for the applicant to provide the documents required by the government to make sure that one is free from legal obligations in his country of origin. A specific agency of the US government, the office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is responsible for processing a migrant’s paper and approving one’s application.

There are different kinds of immigration forms that an individual has to fill out as a part of the immigration process. These are readily available at the USCIS website, and it is actually very easy to get ahold and make use of these free immigration forms. One can choose to download the files, fill them out and print them or utilize the e-filing feature on some of the documents.

Although the forms are available for free, there are some of them that come with a filing fee ranging from as little as $6 to as much as $165. For those documents that are not available with the e-filing service, one can go to the USCIS site and order packets of the said documents. They are then delivered directly to one’s mailbox.

One thing an applicant can do to shorten the entire processing time for the immigration application is to ensure that the forms are filled out properly, correctly and honestly. Since the forms can be found online and printed right at home, there is no reason why they should have any mistakes upon filing. One can easily print another form if an erroneous data is inputted on the original form.

Most of the forms require a fee upon filing. Years ago, the fees have to be paid the traditional way through a clerk. With the large part of the population utilizing credit cards, money orders and cashier’s check nowadays instead of carrying cash around, these are acceptable mode of payments. Online filing may be paid using a credit card or through direct withdrawal from one’s savings or checking account.

A number of unofficial websites are selling immigration forms for a price. USCIS is continuously warning everyone against working with these sites. The forms area available for free from the agency’s site, and these forms are the most reliable and updated ones recognized by the application processing body. People should think twice about trusting these sites and the forms that they are selling.

It is essential for the forms to be completely filled out. All the questions should be answered, and not a single box should be left blank. This is something one should bear in mind. If any questions are not answered, it is natural for the USCIS to request the applicant to complete the form, which makes the process longer than it already is.

Since there are different immigration applicants, it is just logical to find different immigration forms to complete. To make the whole immigration application smoother, one should know which free immigration forms to use for the specific occasion as well as the details on where and how they should be filed.

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Understanding USA Immigration Forms And Citizenship

The United States of America is one of the strongest and most popular nations across the globe. It is one of the most developed centers of all areas of human activity. Because of this, it is just natural for most people to wish and strive to be a citizen of the US. Before pursuing with the plan to migrate to the country, one can take the time to learn about the different US migration forms as well as the basics on US citizenship.

usa immigration forms

Being an active hub of economic, cultural and many other areas of human activities and interaction, the United States continues to be an attractive place to live in. Because of this, more and more people find the idea of immigrating into the country really enticing. The process, however, is quite complicated, but if one understands how it all goes, then the entire procedure can be made more efficient and productive.

Knowing the basics on US citizenship is a great start. US citizenship can be acquired in two ways only. One can become a legal citizen of the United States either by birth or through the process called naturalization. The former does not need any explanation, but the latter has to be thoroughly explained for better understanding.

Naturalization is the process of handing legal US citizenship to a foreign individual after the said person has fulfilled the requirements set in the Immigration and Nationality Act. The basic requirements in the process include a specified period of continuous residence in the country as well as the ability to communicate effectively in English, a complete knowledge of US history and government and having a good moral character.

Becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States require a good amount of US immigration forms. However, there are certain occasions where the process of obtaining citizenship is made faster such as when one was able to gain permanent residence status in the country as a result of the marriage with a US citizen. The entire naturalization process can take up quite some time depending on the local office where it is the application is processed.

As for the immigration forms, one should be ready to deal with the number of documents that need to be presented and filed. There are forms one should fill out with utmost honesty. It is best to be completely honest when giving out the information since grave consequences await those who provide fraud information.

The forms should be completely filled out. In some cases, people tend to forget answering some questions and filling out certain details. The result is a request for completion. One has to take back the documents, correct the erroneous information and file the forms again, so the entire procedure takes more time than it originally does.

It is a good thing that some forms can now be filed online. This is really a great way to save on one’s time as well as money used for printing the forms or buying them online from the USCIS website.

With ample knowledge about US immigration forms, one is more ready to conquer the process and hope for faster and more pleasing results. This is one of the many cases in life where proper preparation really pays off.

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How To Get Your Green Card: Guide To USCIS Immigration Forms

If you are a permanent U. S. Resident and you find the need to replace either your green card, you can easily do so with USCIS immigration forms. Conditional residents who need to have their two-year green cards replaced may also use the Form I-90, the form that’s also referred to as Form for Application to Replace Permanent Resident CardThere can be a variety of reasons why a permanent or a conditional resident may have to replace their green cards. If your previous card was mutilated, lost, destroyed or stolen, it’s imperative that you have it replaced as soon as you possibly can. Carrying around a mutilated or destroyed card or not carrying a card at all can cause you a lot of trouble.

uscis immigration forms

For young children whose green cards have been issued to them before they were 14 years old, and have now reached their 14th birthday, a green card must also be replaced to indicate this change of age. Unless the child’s card is slated to expire before their 16th birthday, a new green card should be issued. Make sure that you and your child are fully aware of this way before the 14th birthday to avoid problems in the future.

If you have been a commuter and have been issued a green card solely for this reason, and you decide to take up actual residence in the country, you must also replace your green card. The green card would be your official document that signifies your permanent, or sometimes conditional, residency in the United States.

Special agricultural workers, who have a conditional green card status, and have their statuses converted to permanent residents, are also required to have their conditional green cards replaced. Other reasons for changing green cards may also include incorrect information on the green card, a change in your name, or other biographic details on the card, or if you have a previous version of the alien registration card.

Once you fill out the proper form and submit it to the USCIS, you can find out the status of your green card application conveniently through their website. Simply visit the USCIS website at, and click the “My Case Status” link on the right hand corner and check the status of your application online.

If you prefer talking to someone instead, you can also direct your application queries or basically any other immigration-related questions to the USCIS National Customer Service Center through their number at 1-800-375-5293. Specific information regarding your application will be asked of you. This information includes your receipt number, name, Alien Registration Number, and date of birth.

Oftentimes, a lot of people’s applications get denied. While an appeal for a negative decision is not allowed, you can still submit a motion to reconsider or reopen the same office that made the rejection and present your application for the second time.

By filing this motion, you are asking the office that gave you the unfavorable decision to reconsider or reexamine your application as well as their negative decision.

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Immigration Forms I-90: Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card

Immigration forms I-90 are the forms that you are required to fill in to replace a Green Card. If you are applying to replace your permanent resident card, you are also required to use this form. It is worth noting that people who have their resident status nearing expiration date, or those who are conditional resident must not use this form. Instead, they can use the Form I-1751 or Form I-829.

immigration forms i-90

Green cards are cards that are granted to permanent residents. A permanent resident is used to refer to people who have been legally granted authorization to live and work in the country on a permanent basis. This means that they do not have to reapply for a visa from the US embassy in their country to be able to stay in the United States after a period of time.

People who have permanent resident cards often get their green cards through their family. A lot of people are granted permanent resident status, and consequently get a green card, due to the United States’ vision of promoting family unity and allowing citizens as well as other permanent residents to petition their relatives to visit the United States and ultimately be allowed to live permanently in the county.

There are also cases where people are granted green cards through their jobs. People who are employed or who have job offers in the United States may be given a permanent residence green card if they are sponsored by an employer in the United States. The step for this type of green card acquisition is different from other categories and will greatly depend whether or not you are living outside or inside the United States at the time of application.

Regardless of how you got your green card, if it’s time to have it replaced, you must do so accordingly. The Form I-90 is the form that is used by legal permanent residents of the country to apply for either a renewal of the Permanent Resident Cards or a replacement. Conditional permanent residents may also use the form for the replacement of an existing green card, but not for the extension of their residency status.

Getting through the application using this form is relatively easy. Clearly printing or typing in black ink is required in the general instructions of filling up the form. Each application must also be properly signed before submission and must be accompanied by the correct and appropriate fee. Application fee and biometric fees are required on certain circumstances.

There might be several reasons that would require you to have your green cards replaced. With each particular reason comes a fee that may or may not be required from you. An example is when you are getting your card replaced since you were issued but never received your green card. If you are applying for a replacement card because of this, no application fee or biometric fee is required.

Reasons that would require fees include automatic conversion to permanent resident status, a commuter who takes up actual residence in the United States, among many others. Make sure you know why you’re using the form for to avoid any mistakes in the submission.

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Immigration Forms Software And How To Use Them

With the advent of digital technology, it is only but natural that even government agencies would soon follow suit. The U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, for example, has adapted to this growing technological revolution by providing immigration forms software that can be downloaded and filled out right in the computer using a program; thereby eliminating the need for papers and people who have to go through these physical forms.

immigration forms software

The USCIS digital forms are easy to access since one only has to go to their website and download the forms as well as instructions and general guidelines on how to fill them out and what is required upon submission. These forms are also free, as highlighted in a note in the USCIS website where the forms are all free to download or to be ordered by phone or mail at 1-800-870-3676.

There are many immigration forms available in the USCIS and you can choose one that best suits your needs. While all the forms are free to download, some of them require filing fees such as application and biometric fees that must be appropriately attached before submitting the applications. Upon submission of the forms, you can also choose to receive either a text or an e-mail notification that will inform you that your application has been accepted.

For every form, there is a title and a corresponding form number which is used as a code within the USCIS. It is very important that one is aware which form he or she has to fill in and for what purpose to expedite the application or change process. The forms also have different guidelines so it’s best to go through these guidelines before submission.

An example of this form is the AR-11 which is the form number with a form title of Change of Address. As the title suggests, this form is used to report change in address of an immigrant or alien worker in the United States. Filing fee for this form is $0 at the time of writing.

If you go to the USCIS website, you will be presented with a table listing all the forms available for download. The first column of the table is labeled “Title” which signifies the title of the form. The next column is the Form Number, which in the example above was “AR-11″, the code of the “Change of Address” form, which is the title of the form.

The form title is presented as a link, which you can click and will redirect you to the download link of the form as well as some information regarding the form such as its purpose, the number of pages in the form, the edition date, where to file, the filing fee and some special instructions, if any.

To access the form, you can click the “Download Form” link and use a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to open the file and fill in the forms accordingly. Once every information has been filled in, you can get instructions on where to file it on the instructions and general guidelines that the form came with.

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A Working Man’s Guide To Homeland Security Immigration Forms

If you are looking for homeland security immigration forms, you can easily access the forms via the Department of Homeland Security website. The Department provides for all immigration-related documents as well as offer immigration-related benefits and services. Immigrants and visitors can count on the department for naturalization and work authorization services.

homeland security immigration forms

If you are working in the United States, there may be a lot of forms that you have to fill in as well as provide documents that signify that your stay in the country is legal. The country has been plagued with illegal immigrants and forms and documents given out by the Department of Homeland Security and the U. S. Citizen and Immigration Services will guide you into making your stay legal and consequently more convenient in the country.

If you are working in the United States, you already have permission to work legally in the country. Every employment in the country belongs to a category and each category has a different set of requirements for admission as well as conditions for staying and number of authorized months to stay. It is very important that the terms of the application are adhered to and that petition for admission and visa are well processed.

Violations in the admission or in the terms and conditions during the stay are serious. Most often, violations would result in denial of re-entry into the country after deportation. You also have to be well aware of the status of your stay as well as the category of your entry in the United States.

The categories include being a temporary (non-immigrant worker), permanent (immigrant) worker, students and exchange visitors, information for employees and employers and temporary visitors in the country for business.

The most requested immigration forms in the Department of Homeland Security website include the I-9 or the Employment Eligibility Verification; the I-90 which is the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card; the I-134, Affidavit of Support; the N-400, Application for Naturalization and the I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.

The I-9 or Employment Eligibility Verification form can be downloaded via the USCIS website. There are three forms that can be downloaded related to the I-9: the I-9 form itself, a Spanish version of the I-9, and the Form M-274, Handbook for Employers. The purpose of this form is for employers to retain an I-9 for each of their employees which may include citizens and noncitizens. The form examines the eligibility of the employment.

You can download all the forms in the USCIS website by searching for the specific form. Instructions and guidelines are provided as well as a brief introduction to the purpose of the form to guide you accordingly. Other information in the form includes where to file the form, the filing fees, and other instructions that guide the user how to ensure timeliness and accuracy of the processing. Special instructions are also provided for some forms such as the people eligible to use some versions of the forms (i. E. Spanish version), as well as the verification requirements and other additional documents needed.

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