September 22, 2018

Fake IDs Targeted by New Georgia Immigration Law

A new law in Georgia will put individuals who use a false identification card to find work or anything else in the line of fire with fines of up to $250,000 and a possible 15 year sentence in jail. Referred to as aggravated identity fraud, this new immigration law was put into action on July 1st, and many locals and politicians have had mixed feelings about the new harsh sentencing.

“It’s a harsh penalty,” said executive director of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, Frank Rotondo. “But it is meant as an eye-opener, to send a message.” The new penalties set into place will put users of fake ID’s on the same level as someone caught with 10,000 pounds of marijuana, whereas previous offenders would receive a small fine and usually probation. Although this law was set in place to discourage illegal immigration in Georgia and cut back money spent on the healthcare, education, court systems, and other government services used by illegal immigrants who have fake Ids, many say that the penalties put into place are far too harsh and will likely trigger constitutional issues.

Two other laws that focused on immigrants in Georgia were put on hold, while the aggravated identity fraud act received very little attention from locals. Another provision that would allow and encourage law officials to check immigration records and give them the right to punish citizens who knowingly harbor illegal immigrants while committing another crime. Since it seemed that a large majority of the population was not even fully aware of the new identification laws, state law officials have decided to take it slow with the implementation of the new laws.

State and local police already handle incidents where minors attempt to use a fake ID to buy alcoholic beverages, but police spokesman Dana Pierce said that the sheriff’s department will likely handle the investigations into identity fraud and more serious cases. Police have also noted that they are unclear as to exactly how they are expected to learn about the identification crimes, and hope to receive tip offs from farmers and other employers who spot someone using a false identification card.

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