September 22, 2018

Immigration Forms I-90: Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card

Immigration forms I-90 are the forms that you are required to fill in to replace a Green Card. If you are applying to replace your permanent resident card, you are also required to use this form. It is worth noting that people who have their resident status nearing expiration date, or those who are conditional resident must not use this form. Instead, they can use the Form I-1751 or Form I-829.

immigration forms i-90

Green cards are cards that are granted to permanent residents. A permanent resident is used to refer to people who have been legally granted authorization to live and work in the country on a permanent basis. This means that they do not have to reapply for a visa from the US embassy in their country to be able to stay in the United States after a period of time.

People who have permanent resident cards often get their green cards through their family. A lot of people are granted permanent resident status, and consequently get a green card, due to the United States’ vision of promoting family unity and allowing citizens as well as other permanent residents to petition their relatives to visit the United States and ultimately be allowed to live permanently in the county.

There are also cases where people are granted green cards through their jobs. People who are employed or who have job offers in the United States may be given a permanent residence green card if they are sponsored by an employer in the United States. The step for this type of green card acquisition is different from other categories and will greatly depend whether or not you are living outside or inside the United States at the time of application.

Regardless of how you got your green card, if it’s time to have it replaced, you must do so accordingly. The Form I-90 is the form that is used by legal permanent residents of the country to apply for either a renewal of the Permanent Resident Cards or a replacement. Conditional permanent residents may also use the form for the replacement of an existing green card, but not for the extension of their residency status.

Getting through the application using this form is relatively easy. Clearly printing or typing in black ink is required in the general instructions of filling up the form. Each application must also be properly signed before submission and must be accompanied by the correct and appropriate fee. Application fee and biometric fees are required on certain circumstances.

There might be several reasons that would require you to have your green cards replaced. With each particular reason comes a fee that may or may not be required from you. An example is when you are getting your card replaced since you were issued but never received your green card. If you are applying for a replacement card because of this, no application fee or biometric fee is required.

Reasons that would require fees include automatic conversion to permanent resident status, a commuter who takes up actual residence in the United States, among many others. Make sure you know why you’re using the form for to avoid any mistakes in the submission.

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