September 22, 2018

Immigration Forms Software And How To Use Them

With the advent of digital technology, it is only but natural that even government agencies would soon follow suit. The U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, for example, has adapted to this growing technological revolution by providing immigration forms software that can be downloaded and filled out right in the computer using a program; thereby eliminating the need for papers and people who have to go through these physical forms.

immigration forms software

The USCIS digital forms are easy to access since one only has to go to their website and download the forms as well as instructions and general guidelines on how to fill them out and what is required upon submission. These forms are also free, as highlighted in a note in the USCIS website where the forms are all free to download or to be ordered by phone or mail at 1-800-870-3676.

There are many immigration forms available in the USCIS and you can choose one that best suits your needs. While all the forms are free to download, some of them require filing fees such as application and biometric fees that must be appropriately attached before submitting the applications. Upon submission of the forms, you can also choose to receive either a text or an e-mail notification that will inform you that your application has been accepted.

For every form, there is a title and a corresponding form number which is used as a code within the USCIS. It is very important that one is aware which form he or she has to fill in and for what purpose to expedite the application or change process. The forms also have different guidelines so it’s best to go through these guidelines before submission.

An example of this form is the AR-11 which is the form number with a form title of Change of Address. As the title suggests, this form is used to report change in address of an immigrant or alien worker in the United States. Filing fee for this form is $0 at the time of writing.

If you go to the USCIS website, you will be presented with a table listing all the forms available for download. The first column of the table is labeled “Title” which signifies the title of the form. The next column is the Form Number, which in the example above was “AR-11″, the code of the “Change of Address” form, which is the title of the form.

The form title is presented as a link, which you can click and will redirect you to the download link of the form as well as some information regarding the form such as its purpose, the number of pages in the form, the edition date, where to file, the filing fee and some special instructions, if any.

To access the form, you can click the “Download Form” link and use a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to open the file and fill in the forms accordingly. Once every information has been filled in, you can get instructions on where to file it on the instructions and general guidelines that the form came with.

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