September 22, 2018

How To Get Your Green Card: Guide To USCIS Immigration Forms

If you are a permanent U. S. Resident and you find the need to replace either your green card, you can easily do so with USCIS immigration forms. Conditional residents who need to have their two-year green cards replaced may also use the Form I-90, the form that’s also referred to as Form for Application to Replace Permanent Resident CardThere can be a variety of reasons why a permanent or a conditional resident may have to replace their green cards. If your previous card was mutilated, lost, destroyed or stolen, it’s imperative that you have it replaced as soon as you possibly can. Carrying around a mutilated or destroyed card or not carrying a card at all can cause you a lot of trouble.

uscis immigration forms

For young children whose green cards have been issued to them before they were 14 years old, and have now reached their 14th birthday, a green card must also be replaced to indicate this change of age. Unless the child’s card is slated to expire before their 16th birthday, a new green card should be issued. Make sure that you and your child are fully aware of this way before the 14th birthday to avoid problems in the future.

If you have been a commuter and have been issued a green card solely for this reason, and you decide to take up actual residence in the country, you must also replace your green card. The green card would be your official document that signifies your permanent, or sometimes conditional, residency in the United States.

Special agricultural workers, who have a conditional green card status, and have their statuses converted to permanent residents, are also required to have their conditional green cards replaced. Other reasons for changing green cards may also include incorrect information on the green card, a change in your name, or other biographic details on the card, or if you have a previous version of the alien registration card.

Once you fill out the proper form and submit it to the USCIS, you can find out the status of your green card application conveniently through their website. Simply visit the USCIS website at, and click the “My Case Status” link on the right hand corner and check the status of your application online.

If you prefer talking to someone instead, you can also direct your application queries or basically any other immigration-related questions to the USCIS National Customer Service Center through their number at 1-800-375-5293. Specific information regarding your application will be asked of you. This information includes your receipt number, name, Alien Registration Number, and date of birth.

Oftentimes, a lot of people’s applications get denied. While an appeal for a negative decision is not allowed, you can still submit a motion to reconsider or reopen the same office that made the rejection and present your application for the second time.

By filing this motion, you are asking the office that gave you the unfavorable decision to reconsider or reexamine your application as well as their negative decision.

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